Long Cut Friends

by Boy Goliath

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released April 28, 2017

Thanks to
- Kacey Shackleton, 10, Trumpet
- Charlie Kalet, 10, Snare Drum
- Charlie Knight Jr., 5, Saxophone
- Liam Kingsley, 5, Banjo

Special thanks to Charlie Kalet for lending me his time, equipment, and knowledge in the creation of the album cover. Also, thank you 4 State for the backyard and Charlie and Alex for being my model Long Cut Friends



all rights reserved


Boy Goliath Albany, New York

Goy Boliath

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Track Name: Good News
Hey you
How've you been
I've been fine
Things are moving again
But lately I've been thinking
That I should quit drinking
Round people I don't know well
You know I'm not known
For talking out loud
One of the crowd
Just a
Drop in a cloud
And it's raining

Hey God
Where you been
Take a look at my news feed
All my news is bad news
What's happening
And I wish that I was younger
I wish that I could call
My mother say I'm lonely
I can't get time together
And the weather's just been pleasant
Enough to keep me conscious
And writing in a journal
I know'll just be lost in a month
I'm just filling it up

Good news
You're gonna be ok
I heard it from a guy in a dream
And he knew me by name
You're gonna live forever
But you'll make mistakes
But the way you're loved
Is the way you love
So I loved you every
Way I knew to

Now you know me as a recluse
But I don't even know you
I'm getting high in my room
So join me if you'd like to
And no knows my music
Unless I'm their band
I miss my friends
Track Name: Bill
I made something
You made something
A shepherds pie
You left in the oven
Now the kitchens on fire
And you're skipping town
Come over cover weezer
I'm just hanging around

I know you miss
Morning calling
Where I wake up and
Call good morning
Now it's 8 am
And I'm late to church
In a dream I had
While I was missing work

But I heard you got hitched
To a dollar shave club type
So why the hell aren't we on TV
I guess it's the prominent lack of recording
But these songs are in my head
As they sing me sweet to bed
Boy and Bill
Bill and Boy
Bill can sleep
Boy drives to Troy
Bill wakes up
He says where are we
Boy says go to sleep
It's only 6 am
I love you Bill
Track Name: T.V.
I was watching tv in bed again
Focusing on holes in the screen
I was thinking there was a time
When I
Wished that was my life
A sitcom that I can't control
With some strangers finger on the remote
When everything will fall apart
Well that's the plot and story arch
Of all carbon based life forms
As we know em

I was smoking joints at the park again
Thinking that I can't get caught twice
And wondering how everyone decides
What to do with their life
Decay is in the users control
The working man is searching for gold
So when all my goals turn to shit
Oh I will dig and I will dig

I just want to be like my dad
A 21st century man
But I am going no where fast
Track Name: Fourth
I dreamt that I played cards
And my mom gave me a deck
But I wasn't very good
I hadn't learned the rules yet
And my friends were all there
They watched me lose all my savings
Not a penny to spare
I lost the only 20 dollars to my name
And Adam says he's moving back to eden
Cause he knows the road
Rain can roll the god damn best j
Everybody knows
I was born in a river
I was baptized off a cliff
I picked out all my splinters
With a slightly sharper stick
In the colder parts of winter
We would skate along the precipice
Of falls in the caterskill woods

Good old gasoline
Poured in a line down Main Street
We buried mortars live
Caught running for the tree line

Here we come
For fourth at the bluffs
Echo like guns
For miles
Track Name: Karma Car
Rowdy's racing
All around the town
Like hell on wheels
The carpets in the room tear it up
I swear I might never grow up
Or break my back
Shoveling concrete dust
And crack my heels
Cause I believe in karmic cost
That's why I can see my car start to rust

Now I don't want to
Work highway department
Till I die
I won't survive
So I read fortunes
That are unsupported
By my life style
I'll grace the walls
Of the rock n roll hall of fame
I'll be a household name
Now Mickey sleeps
On Egyptian sheets
But he doesn't dream
No he never dreams

So I've been thinking of places
Where I could get famous
I don't really care
If it's Nashville or New York
Maybe somewhere cold
Cause I don't mind
If the weathers unkind
Maybe I should compromise
Get a day job and live in the suburbs

I might not make it
But I still made it
This far I'll take it
Till 20's start to fade
Track Name: Third Eye
Hello mama I'm happy
Says I
Cause I been searching for the
Good life
I've been unhappy for a while
Tell my family things'll turn out fine
I think I found my third eye
Cause I've been searching for a
Good while
Grand dad was searching for a
Good wife

Hello papa I'm ok
I'll get a job
I plan on working real hard
With mild to mid length hours
Track Name: Jersey Shore
Out by the shore
Mike plays his games
God get him laid
He's fading fast
Maybe concussed
Maybe he's fucked
How'd they never get those
Oscars to the cast

My dear I think I've seen the future
And it's looking bright
Cause if Ron and Sammi make it
Season 6
I'm sure we'll be fine

Out on the boardwalk
Pauly's stalker
Creeps along in neon pink
The common core
Could've done more
I pray lord tell me
What the hell is this girl thinking

I know I can care for you like
Vinny cares for Pauly D
So sweetly
Cause if these 8 assholes find love
And find family
I know so can we

So let's go to the jersey shore
Blow all our money on the rides
And the games
So please hold my coaster
While I ride on this roller coaster
What's your number
I'd like to see you again
Track Name: Millenialist
You've got a tattoo
Tucked under your blue jeans
And I've seen the sticking first hand
But you don't tell parents
Even though you're not scared of them
They'll just have to learn secondhand
You've got nothing to do
You're just floating in blue dreams
Watching the clouds separate
And drawing new maps
Is now more than a pass time
As long as you can concentrate
Track Name: 2000 Leagues Below
The world's on a thread
But I can't write a letter
To my mother
I just lie in bed
Slowly filling clean floor
With my clutter
I've been soaked
Selling bones
I should let my loved ones know

The captain is lying out
Shotguns scattered out
Beneath his rib cage
He always had some doubts
Never quite worked out
Within his headspace
He was broke
No where to go
Blind in one eye
The other points him home
2000 leagues below

Playing spades with Davie
Within the belly whale
Finally found company
Deep in the confines of a tale
Now my sins don't matter
To the fish they'd rather
Move their fins
In a circular motion
But God damn it I'm the captain
Of this ship and we've been crashing
For four years
And I lost score four years ago

All my friends get lonely
And I get lonely
But they still love me
And I love them too
Track Name: Boy
I've lived a life of leisure
Some say I live it still
No I'm living in the foothills
Of old potsdam town

Oh I live by procedure
I wake up at 4 AM
I get high and pass the time
By making names up for myself

So call me Spike or call me Mick
I swear it's all the same
When they put me in the grave
Boy will be my name